With companies changing their approach to their graduate intake programs; grads need to really start thinking about the breadth of options available for their career.  There is a whole untapped market that grads can get into and it is not the traditional avenue of Graduate Programs.  Think about it.  You are studying accounting and so what do you do?  You apply for accounting roles in accounting firms.  How many of you are doing this?  There is a whole new world of opportunities out there to be explored and it is finding this sometimes hidden market that is critical.  I remember being in the cosmetics industry and we struggled to get good graduates for accounting, supply chain and logistics, commerce and marketing.  Why?  Because Graduates in those fields thought they were defined to their core industries.  Looking outside your niche is what most don’t do and don’t find the opportunities out there.   In retail, there is also a lack of graduates because maybe you worked in retail and didn’t like it or didn’t consider it at all.  But guess what – there is a whole industry out there that need Graduates.  The retail industry is a business – they have accounting, finance, marketing, sales, supply chain and logistics departments (and many more roles that require the skill sets that you gain from your degree).  Oh and guess what – they also need mathematicians!

So next time you think you are boxed into searching for opportunities in a very competitive, niche market think again… go out and explore what’s out there and you will be surprised what you can do.

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